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  • Robert J. Borer

Statement by Robert J. Borer, Candidate for Secretary of State

Within this video, they explain the illegalities of how Zuckerberg pulled off the steal. This is full of great information to begin an investigation, instead of simply complaining about outside money and then doing something for future elections only (of which we are still waiting).

Many believe Evnen’s objection to doing any sort of investigation stems from purely a political decision. By doing so, he is taking a calculated risk of simply dismissing and marginalizing those who are calling for action because he believes this will all go away. I hate to break it — it’s not going away until the issue is addressed appropriately.

Lancaster County took over $400,000 in CTCL Zuckerbucks money, as Justice Michael Gableman describes, the money was given with conditions that eliminate it as a grant, but instead a contractual agreement because Lancaster county had to spend it according to CTCL's rules. Sean Flowerday, Vice Chair from District 1 from Lancaster with the Lancaster County Commission is the frontman to managing the money. He won't provide any details. We have sent numerous Public Records Requests and all we get back is generic information.

Amongst many proof sources, you will hear how some of the Zuckerbucks money paid for staffing (and bribery) to harvest votes out of rest homes and memory care centers.

Lancaster County and many other counties had MANY votes from these types of centers as evidenced in Wisconsin. Bob Evnen keeps saying there's no proof of fraud, yet he continually ignores each and every bit of proof sources.

Is his tactic a political decision or a Cornhusker Cover-up? The truth shall prevail!

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