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  • Robert J. Borer

Who besides USPS knows where your mailed ballot resides?

Your ballot will count as long as it makes it through the mail in both directions, or will it?

In this video, produced by NOVA PBS, you will see the technology behind intelligent mail. Basically, your mail is encoded so that the post office can track your ballot throughout the process of it being sent to you and back through the postal system to your County Election Commissioners' office. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, in this video listen carefully.

The ultra-liberal group, Center for Civic Design worked with the USPS to come up with this system. The original intent of this system was for the County Commissioners' office to keep track of the amount of mail that may be incoming and to staff properly. We found out during a recent Bob Evnen testimony that no County Commissioner uses this service.

Approximately at minute 4:30, you will hear a statement that County Commissioners and “other” tracking services can use this data. So, who are those “other” services?

According to the NY Post, the Center for Civic Design is an election-administration policy organization that frequently partners with left-of-center organizations such as liberal billionaire Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund, designed absentee ballots and voting instructions, often working directly with an election commission to develop a new envelope design and create an advertising and targeting campaign.

Those “other” groups will monitor your ballot as it is mailed to you. They also know when you, or perhaps your neighbor right before the election deadline have not mailed it back. That is when they can swoop in and harvest your ballot and vote for candidates and measures of their choice. Sometimes too much technology is not a good thing.

If possible, vote in person on the day of the election on May 10th!

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