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  • Robert J. Borer

What I believe...

Government derives its power from the consent of the governed, by means through a fair and secure election. Elections belong to the people, not the government. Because having power in government is so highly sought, government has a natural incentive to cheat by any means.

We have witnessed this first hand in both national elections and local on November 3rd. The way to keep government from cheating is by making the elective process completely transparent. By using a third-party company that controls every aspect of our vote including the registration database, printing the ballots, mailing the ballots, counting the ballots and reporting the results of our ballots using their software that uses artificial intelligence, we have zero transparency. Therefore, our consent has not been given!

I will secure the integrity of your vote by bringing that transparency back to We The People the day I step into office, so that the "Good Life" is not lost to future generations. Please vote Robert J. Borer and spread the word!

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