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  • Robert J. Borer

What Are They Afraid of?

Back in July 2021, long before running for public office ever crossed my mind, I was working with a team of Nebraskans who heard about voter fraud in other states like Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We wanted to know if Nebraska had any fraud as well. We formed a team of individuals that filled roles such as Mathematicians, canvassers, website/contract researchers, and those skilled in writing Public Records Requests (PRR) to our state, counties, and local bureaucracies. I love asking questions, so drafting PRRs was only natural.

We had many questions about what our state did leading up to the 2020 election. One PRR drew much frustration because both our Secretary of State as well as every Nebraska County wouldn’t or couldn’t respond with an answer.

Cast Vote Record (CVR)

We read information from other states' efforts concerning the term CVR. It seemed like a reasonable report we could ask the state or counties to run for us, especially since the ES&S instruction manual clearly published how it’s done, and this should have been distributed with other training materials.

A CVR is a standard report that lists each individual vote as it was added to the results totals, essentially showing how the election results built up over time. It’s supposed to be a true indicator of incoming votes. Voters will randomly come into their polls throughout the counties and vote, in turn, outvotes are scanned. The scans are processed by the Election Management Software that ES&S that current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen bought in 2019. Logic would tell you that each batch would be completely random because as people came into their precinct they don’t line up in teams and all vote together in unison. Sometimes you’ll get many Trump votes, sometimes Biden or it could be evenly mixed.

Those states that ran these reports would apply a little math by dividing the number of Trump votes into the number of Biden’s and come up with a ratio of who was winning over the course of the election. They would graph it showing the votes from each ballot as the votes accumulate. They then would draw a line connecting the points for the ratio as each new vote was added.

The result should be a line that is jagged with no apparent pattern, due to the randomness of the voter’s intention as they walk in to vote within each county. What was found instead is an almost straight line with a slope or a parabolic curve as the count proceeded through the night. The ratio throughout the vote count violated the Law of Large Numbers. It is statistically impossible. We would expect this after reviewing all of Nebraska’s incoming votes. What was observed is that the 6000th vote was moving the cumulative ratio at the same rate of change that the 600th vote did.

That’s impossible statistically, which at the very least should prompt our current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen to investigate this. Since the 2020 election and leading up till now, he has spent all his energy marginalizing both the concerned Nebraska citizens and the proof sources for fraud. He’s refused to meet experts who have been investigating the election as well. It’s beginning to look like he is trying to hide something.

Do you want to fix this? As your next Secretary of State, I will!

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