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  • Robert J. Borer

What are my qualifications?

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Daily, I have the opportunity to meet and personally speak with many Nebraskans on a trek through this wonderful experience called the campaign trail. At one event, I received a question about my qualifications, "What qualifications do you have to serve?"

Excluding being a business owner (roofing), a 27 year veteran Fire Fighter retiring as Captain, and graduating summa cum laude from Doane, I responded with this... "What were the qualifications of Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents?"

I followed up with, "Hard work, avid reader and learner, critical thinker, and he loved this country and was honest (Honest Abe). These are MY qualifications!"

I am not a politician, nor an attorney. I am a Nebraska Patriot who was called upon by many close friends and by God to fill this role. I am here to fix a severely broken system all propagated by the incumbent whose time has passed him by. Perhaps he simply doesn't understand how he allowed the digital world to penetrate our election system by cyber criminals and other bad actors, or perhaps worse.

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