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  • Robert J. Borer

We Don't Know Who Voted


This should make your day. One of the largest counties in Nebraska (by population) just admitted it does NOT have a list of names of who voted in our Nov 2020 county election.

(This admission was the culmination of a series of email exchanges between myself and the top county election official—who you would expect was/is operating under the guidance of our top state election official, Secretary of State Bob Evnen.)

Here are the ramifications of this admission, in the context of everything else we know about our election system.

Bob Evnen continually asserts (without proof) that Nebraska has election integrity. But how does he know we have election integrity when he can't even tell us the names of everyone who voted in a given election? ...nor whether every vote that was cast was cast legally?

The fact is, he doesn't know, because he can't know, because the system isn't built for him to know. He's only bluffing (and knowingly so) when he makes such assertions. That should piss you off (pardon my French).

The question is, how should we respond to these bare naked assertions by Evnen?

This is where the going gets fun.

We should respond by using words straight from his own mouth, because he's continually speaking out of both sides of it.

Let me quote the good Secretary:

"There is a motive for people to cheat. These are high stakes elections. You think about the 49 people in the unicameral, and they control a five billion dollar a year budget. If you thought you could cheat and get someone in there, and you lacked the moral and ethical'd be willing to do that...we have to admit there are bad people in the world. We have to admit that there are people who allow their bad impulses to take control.”

Let me quote him again

“If fraud works, you don't know about it.”

And again:

"We don't have the problems that other states have had."
“Our elections have been conducted in a fair secure manner.”
"I haven't found any evidence that our machines are fraudulent...that our machines have been manipulated."

Of course he hasn't found any evidence. Because he hasn't looked for any. And why?Because he doesn't want to find any. It's that simple.

By his own admission, the kind of fraud that works doesn't stare you in the face. It hides in the shadows. You have to look for it to find it. If you don't look for it, you won’t find it and you won’t have to deal with it.

Bob Evnen's self-reassuring motto is this: "If you can't see it, it doesn't exist." (Nevermind the illogic of such a proposition.)

Don't get me wrong. Bob Evnen might say he's looked, but he hasn't. If he has looked at all, it was by proxy, through the eyes of the election machine company.

Here's Bob Evnen’s thinking, in essence: The company looked. They say everything's fine. I'm good with that.

I'm not kidding. This is what he thinks. And he thinks it’s totally reasonable (otherwise he’d think some other way). In other words, Bob Evnen thinks letting the fox guard the hen house is a perfectly good idea.

So where are we at? Let's step back for a minute and survey the landscape.

Here's what we see: Our votes are the hens. Our election machine company is the fox. And Bob Evnen is Gomer Pyle—albeit with a much weaker work ethic and moral backbone than Mr. Pyle.

Are we good with this synopsis? If not, I don't know what to tell you. If so, let's move on and expound. But let me warn you, this next statement is going to throw you for a loop.

Bob Evnen sold the integrity of our elections down the river to a private election machine company. We have no election integrity left. He sold it all.

Wait...what?? You’re telling us Bob "sold the integrity of our elections" a private election machine company?? How'd he do that? I thought the election machine company was the seller? I thought Bob Evnen gave our hard earned money to them. How did Evnen sell our elections?

First of all, I didn't say Evnen sold our elections. I said he sold the integrity of our elections. (Sadly, a corrupt "election" qualifies as an election these days, because Orwellian Newspeak is the language of the day. Down is up. Wrong is right. Black is white. Evil is good. And not looking is looking. "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isa 5:20)

Secondly, as far as we know, Evnen didn't get any money from ES&S. He got something else. What was it?

Here's how the transaction went down. Bob Evnen sold your vote. What did he sell it for? He sold it for leisure. He sold it for laziness. Yes, that's right, leisure and laziness (and who knows whatever else, but let's just stick with leisure and laziness for now). I'm serious. Look at the guy. He's not exactly a ball of fire.

You’re right. It was your/our hard earned money that Evnen spent on our election machines, but the transaction wasn't about you. It was about him, and what he got out of it.

What did Bob Evnen get out of it? He got a private first class ride down easy street. Easy street means he no longer had to "lift a finger" on our elections. All the worry and stress were gone. They belonged to someone else. He could kick back and relax.

Listen. Running secure elections is hard work. Very hard work. Very stressful hard work. Especially if you have no idea what you're doing.

"These are high stakes elections,” Bob says. When he says these are high stakes elections, he's telling you and me that our elections place a lot of stress on him. Stress that he doesn’t like, because it’s hard on him. He doesn’t want to be responsible for screwing up our elections.

So to take the pressure off, he farmed his part of the election out to a private third party election machine company called ES&S.

And to no one's surprise, ES&S was happy to take it! The whole thing! ES&S took over everything: The training (initially). The voter registration database. The poll books. The ballot printing. The "tabulating." The "security." The "oversight." The "checks" and "balances." Everything. They took it all. (Except for the menial duties of few local staff and poll workers, of course.) And what did Bob do? Again, he kicked back, put his feet on the desk and relaxed. Because ES&S told him he could relax while they handled it all.

Any third grader can readily see what a farce this is. But Bob Evnen was fine with it, as long as he no longer had to deal with the pressure and could kick back and relax. In his mind, no one would ever question the arrangement, because nothing would ever go wrong. And in this, Bob was extremely gullible and naive. (Whether that gullibility and naivete has since turned into something dark is anyone's guess.)

The problem is, something did go wrong. The opportunity to sell votes showed up. Those bad people that Bob spoke of above showed up, with lots of cash in their pockets. Does anyone know what a vote is worth on the black market these days? I'll bet it's a lot. And ES&S stood to make a killing. If they wanted to, of course. Not saying they did. Maybe they were innocent, and the transaction happened above them. Believe what you want. It happened somewhere.

How much money has the deep state been printing and spending on getting people to go along with the covid scam? How much money has the deep state been printing and spending to get people to go along with forcing kids to wear commie face diapers?? The amount of fiat money is astronomical. (Of course we know the plan includes trying to take down the entire financial system so they can implement their new world order).

Well, I'm betting that votes come with a MUCH HIGHER price tag.

Joe Biden is part of a global crime syndicate that prints and launders money like nobody's business. He bought the election, or someone bought it for him. Which means someone had to sell it. I wonder who that was?

Bob Evnen kidded himself. He told himself bad people would never show up at a Nebraska election looking to buy votes from an election machine company. Or, he told himself ES&S would never allow themselves to be hacked, because they assured him they never would. "Have blind faith, Bob. Have blind faith. Go relax in your easy chair. We'll take care of it."

And that's what Bob did. Heck, he relaxed so much that $400,000 of Zuckerberg money slid by him, without his notice.

Bob gambled and he lost. So did we. He gambles with our votes.

There are huge motives and incentives to steal elections. He said so himself. This was especially true in 2020. The stakes were very high. And it was very easy to steal them behind the black curtain of cyber space—as long as no one looked.

But many people did look. Many ordinary God-loving and God-fearing people. People like you and I. And these people have been working day and night to do the job that Bob Evnen should have been doing all along but refused to do. Trying to figure out the myriad of ways the election was stolen. Not only does he refuse, he seeks to obstruct our efforts. This isn't right. All we want is election integrity and evidence of the same.

Bob Evnen has utterly failed in his primary responsibility as Secretary of State. He needs to be retired. We can not vote for him in the primary. Please help everyone you know who is a fellow patriot to see this. It doesn't matter who the other candidate is, he must be retired. We need to send a message to the entrenched, entitled, elitist, corporatist, power-hungry establishment/swamp faction of our great A. Lincoln party that We the People are taking back our rightful place as consenters. We will not let government of, by and for the people perish from the earth.

Before I leave you, I need to mention one more thing that Bob did wrong. He bought the whole "covid" scam. He bought it hook, line and sinker. He said it was "terrifying." And he used "covid" as an excuse to sign off on and support mass mail-in and unmanned/unmonitored drop-box voting, which he himself admits open the door wide ballot harvesting and election fraud. In other words, Bob takes no responsibility whatsoever for the deplorable status of our election results and system. To the contrary, he says everything is the most secure ever, in concert with deep state propaganda.

Robert J. Borer

P.S. NE law regarding the preservation of election materials:

Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1032. County canvassing board; election materials; preservation; duration. Upon the completion of the canvass by the county canvassing board, all books shall again be sealed, and the election commissioner or county clerk shall keep all election materials, including the ballots-cast containers from each precinct, the sealed envelopes containing the precinct list of registered voters, the precinct sign-in register, the official summary or summaries of votes cast, and the container for early voting materials, for not less than twenty-two months when statewide primary, general, or special elections involve federal offices, candidates, and issues and not less than fifty days for local elections not held in conjunction with a statewide primary, general, or special election. The election commissioner or county clerk shall keep on file one copy of each ballot face used in each precinct of the official partisan, nonpartisan, constitutional amendment, and initiative and referendum ballots, as used for voting, and all election notices used at each primary and general election for twenty-two months. The precinct sign-in register, the record of early voters, and the official summary of votes cast shall be subject to the inspection of any person who may wish to examine the same after the primary, general, or special election. The election commissioner or county clerk shall not allow any other election materials to be inspected, including ballots and provisional ballot envelopes, except when an election is contested or the materials become necessary to be used in evidence in the courts. The election commissioner or county clerk shall direct the destruction of such materials after such time, except that the election commissioner or county clerk may retain materials for the purposes of establishing voter histories.

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