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  • Robert J. Borer

Under the "Nose" of Evnen

Current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen asserts he did not know Mark Zuckerberg laundered over $400,000 into Lancaster County to help elect democrats. What's worse, knowing and doing nothing about it, or not knowing because you don't have a grip on the county in which you work and live? So he objects to Zuckerbucks... But did he investigate how exactly this money was spent?

I personally sent Public Records Requests to the State of Nebraska and Lancaster County in search of what exactly they spent that money on. What came back was a generic disclosure that told me nothing. Where's your investigation, Bob?

Many already know the nefarious activities that took place in Wisconsin and other states where Zuckerberg had his way with their electoral process. Some activities were more overt and corrupt than others.

I recently discovered a newsletter created by a fellow patriot from Colorado who has been at the forefront of review and analysis concerning our 2020 election. In this report, the author purports that CTCL (Zuckerbuck money) significantly spent an overwhelming amount of money on building up Democrat votes in the swing states. This analysis found in the link right here, that the "D" build-up was so great that he believes CTCL has violated the law for a nonprofit. You can find the IRS Form 990 that discloses their nature of business and it can be easily stated by the analysis that this effort was no more than a get-out-the-vote effort for the democrat party.

As your next Secretary of State, I will investigate this and not brush it under the rug as Bob Evnen has done!

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