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  • Robert J. Borer

TrueTheVote Cell Phone Ping Data

I am looking forward to seeing what TrueTheVote found with regard to the 2000 Mules. It is my understanding that they purchased the cell phone ping data from the cell phone carriers.

What is cell phone ping data, you ask? These are signals that are sent out to your cell phone that amount to the conversation that takes place in many homes in your neighborhood:

Mom: "Where are you?"

Child: "I'm right hereee!"

In simple terms, this is how the cell phone company, determines which cell tower to route your phone call through. I’m more complex terms, the data is processed and filtered for things like determining if your device is in an area to get a "Severe Weather Alert".

TrueTheVote was smart to acquire this data from the cell providers for the time around the election. They then parsed it to see if they could follow the paths of individual phones to see if there were any paths of interest. When they found a phone that was on the route to ballot drop boxes, they then not only had the phone number but also the time. They could then review the hours of drop-box video coverage for the exact time that the phone of interest was at the dropbox location - and THAT is how they got the video evidence of the individuals shown on the movie trailer, taking pictures of the ballots they were delivering and stuffing the boxes.

How many cities do you think this occurred in?

Were any of the 10 additional unmanned, unmonitored, and unsecured ballot drop boxes that Lancaster County purchased with their $404K Zuckerbucks targets for premeditated ballot harvesting operations?

How will "We the People" be prepared to ensure that everyone understands what was done to us and what will we as a collective voice be asking for with this irrefutable proof?

Stay tuned for more to come in the days ahead…

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