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  • Robert J. Borer

The tide has been turning...

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Much has been discovered since the November 3rd election both in our country as well as our great State of Nebraska. Excluding the mainstream media and the select leadership like Bob Evnen who continue to run from the truth and hide behind their narrative, the tide across our nation seems to be turning. Whether it's Wisconsin, Georgia, or Arizona, they all seem to be on the brink of taking action to declare the November 3rd, 2020, election fraudulent and thus calling back their electors.

Many citizens across the state have been working behind the scenes, investigating a trove of proof sources originating from the Secretary of States' own numbers, as well as a canvassing effort that has identified several anomalies. Despite Bob Evnen's best efforts to marginalize, mock, and ridicule those in pursuit of truth, these efforts are not going unnoticed. I would like to bring your attention to the Cass County GOP's Election Integrity Resolution that was presented and passed late last year.

I have been in contact with counties all across our state. There are some great things occurring. You can call it a movement. A groundswell. And perhaps a tidal wave that may pour over the head of those who have blocked and thwarted efforts to dig deeper into the truth behind November 3rd. Bob Evnen better brush up on his swimming lessons, because his political decision to mock Nebraskans is about over!

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