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  • Robert J. Borer

The “Electronic Dark”

Dear Friends, There is only one reason why the current secretary is counting our votes in the "electronic dark"—he has something to hide. There is nothing proprietary about simple addition. There is nothing about the simple counting of votes that can be regarded as a trade secret...unless that "counting" is rigged. Refusing to allow us to look at the software for "proprietary" reasons is utter nonsense. Since when was the process of simply adding 1 to any other number a big secret? I was just informed by one of our fellow patriots that there's an ad in the local paper for election day workers. The Lancaster County Election Commissioner is looking for a few good citizens. The ad shares hours, salary etc. I'm not a subscriber of that paper, but if you live in Lancaster County and want to call Shively, here's his number (402) 441-7311 (week days). If you live elsewhere, please get involved in your local county election process. Your involvement helps put a check on cheating. As you can see from the letter I just sent, I plan to be a tabulation watcher on election day. I don't trust these people. No one should trust these people. Especially when they refuse to be transparent. Our system of government with its separation of powers was designed because government shouldn't be trusted. It is too easy for power to corrupt. The words "Trust your government" never fell from the mouth of any of our Founding Fathers. Not one. Quite the contrary. We must get involved. These elections belong to us. If we don't take ownership, we are facilitating our own demise.

"Corrupted elections represent a top-tier state and national security threat given elections affect national survival." If you need motivation, read just a few pages from this book called Votescam. It's free and there are several formats available. I'm reading the pdf version and highlighting as I go. And/or watch the first 3 minutes of this video from retired AF Col Shawn Smith: As your next Secretary, I will bring you election transparency and integrity, and will be a loud voice for your rights and against tyranny from the bully pulpit. Robert J. Borer

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