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The Cornhusker Guardian Endorses Robert J. Borer for Secretary of State

LINCOLN, NE - Today, Nebraska's only independent statewide conservative news editorial board endorsed Robert J. Borer for Secretary of State. The family-friendly news source made the following statement:

"In normal times, incumbent Bob Evnen would probably merit re-election. He is a good and decent man of high intelligence and great professional accomplishment. But we are not living in normal times.

Our election integrity, both in Nebraska and nationally, has been threatened. Although Mr. Evnen has done some work in this area, Mr. Borer would do more.

Proactively restoring confidence in our electoral process has to be at the top of the list for our Secretary of State. Mr. Borer is best equipped and motivated to carry out that mission.

We strongly endorse Robert J. Borer for election to the office of Secretary of State, and we encourage you to vote for him."


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