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  • Robert J. Borer

The Beautiful People of Nebraska!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I had the opportunity of meeting many of you in Sterling, Nebraska for the Five County Candidate Forum consisting of Johnson, Nemaha, Otoe, Pawnee, and Richardson counties. All gubernatorial, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer candidates were invited and provided a few minutes to speak to those in attendance.

Best of all, prior to the presentations, candidates were allowed to arrive early and meet with those in attendance to get better acquainted with each candidate. I came early and had an enlightening time hearing all of the concerns. I was able to speak with many wonderful people before and after the event and the common theme of concern was the integrity of our elections. Many weren't completely sure what happened in 2020, but they knew something was amiss.

I have personally spent the past two years researching this and trying to hold our elected officials accountable. During that time, I sent out scores of Public Records Requests (PRR) to both County-level officials and the Secretary of State's office. I learned that Lancaster County received over $400,000 from Mark Zuckerberg laundered through a left-wing group named Center for Tech & Civic Life (CTCL). It was discovered that in Wisconsin this group used this grant money as bribery in 5 of Wisconsin's largest cities. During this time, Bob Evnen claims he had no idea Lancaster accepted this money.

Another discovery through the PRR process was that under the guidance of Evnen, he had the state legislature change our election laws to make most counties into a mail-in ballot counties and set up more "secured" drop boxes. In Bob Evnen's mind, "secure" meant they were bolted to the ground. In a digital cybercrime world, bolting a dropbox to the ground and calling it secure is as naïve as it gets. Where were the cameras? What protections were in place to prevent illicit activities? Answer: there were none!

Now back to the Sterling event. I was chosen to speak last and current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen went first. As I sat and listened in astonishment to his campaign speech. It became clear to me that he is running for office to fix what he broke in our last election! What will be his fix...? Make the drop boxes more secure and prevent private money from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg to be used in the State of Nebraska!

Didn't we already give him a shot at that and how did it turn out? Why would we put our trust in him again?

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