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  • Robert J. Borer

Some morning thoughts...

We all know 2020 was stolen. Some people despair of voting again. We can't let this happen. The system is broken but not so broken that they can change everyone's vote and get away with it.

Trump worked his rear off going into November 2020 to get out the vote. He knew they were going to cheat, and he wanted to force them to go to extraordinary lengths to do so, so that they would expose themselves. In many states, they did. The truth will eventually come out about 2020, and hopefully, people will be held accountable. In the meantime, we have to fight. And go about our civic duty as best we can.

I need your vote, but we need your vote more. The midterm Primary is typically the least likely time people vote. We can't let this happen. It provides the nefarious an easier path to use the voter rolls to stuff ballots. We need to overwhelm them with our legal votes.

Can I count on you to fulfill this? I am Bob Borer and I am running for Secretary of State here in Nebraska.

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