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  • Robert J. Borer

Setting the Record Straight

On KFAB yesterday (4/19), Ian Swanson said there was no better person to talk to about election security and voter confidence than the Secretary of State for the state of Nebraska, Bob Evnen… We didn’t realize Ian was now doing comedy segments on his show. This was almost as laughable as Bob Evnen saying his desire is to make drop boxes as secure as he knows how, so he made certain these boxes were securely bolted to the ground, to prevent people from stealing them…

The integrity of your vote is no laughing matter. Bob Evnen is worse than a Monday morning quarterback. He likes to talk a big game now, while his complacent and complicit nature has gotten us to where we currently stand. Bob Evnen said he “met with people” to hear their concerns in regards to voter accuracy and election integrity. THIS IS A LIE. He may have met with the ones he felt comfortable meeting with but has otherwise been MIA, going as far as canceling one local women’s bible study last minute because he couldn’t take the heat - from the women’s bible study.

Bob Evnen lied and said, “Donald Trump won the election in Nebraska.” We’re not sure what world Bobby is living in, but Donald Trump did most certainly not “win” the state of Nebraska. Nebraska is not a winner-take-all state. Donald Trump “lost” the second congressional district. That electoral vote “went” to Joe Biden. Where do most drop boxes exist in this state? We implore you to look at Douglas and Sarpy County, which happen to be in the second congressional district. Since 1992, Nebraska has awarded two electoral votes based on the statewide vote and one vote for each of the three congressional districts. This is just another example of Lyin' Evnen misleading voters.

The truth is, current Secretary of State Bob Evnen was instrumental in getting the State Legislature to pass drop box laws leading up to the November 3rd, 2020 election. These laws made some counties a mandatory drop box-only county. It also forced counties to add additional drop boxes to apparently make it easier for people to vote. Securing drop boxes to the ground does nothing to prevent the abuse of drop boxes by stuffing them with fraudulent ballots. One can “prohibit” ballot harvesting all they want yet simply saying something is prohibited does nothing to prohibit it. It is meaningless talk without a mechanism and an appropriate sanction.

How would you assess his past four years? He allowed over $400,000 to get laundered into Lancaster County through CTCL from Mark Zuckerberg and he forced counties to use drop boxes and did NOTHING to secure them. He’s on record for asserting that a Nebraska “single parent” will be prone to taking bribes so that they would cheat during a count as it pertains to going to a paper ballot, hand counting method of tabulating our votes. Quite the statement by a politician who works in an industry that perfected the art of bribery!

Bob Evnen claims he supports Voter ID. Simply supporting Voter ID doesn't give us election integrity. Moreover, even if we had Voter ID, it would be virtually meaningless given we have dirty registration rolls (that include dead people, people who moved, multiple addresses for the same person, etc.,) and mail ballots to every address on those rolls, or to "anyone" who requests one (when "anyone" can include any of the dirty records). There are ways to clean up dirty voter registration rolls. Enven either hasn't figured out how to do this, or he's too lazy to put in the work to do it.

Evnen is an utter failure when it comes to election integrity. He refuses to be transparent, a character trait often associated with those who have something to hide. Not only has he failed to protect our rights, but he has also undermined them. He used the pandemic narrative, which he called terrifying, to do exactly what the Obama, Clinton, and Biden regime wanted him to do with it. He used it as an excuse to undermine our election franchise. He used it to sign off on mass unsupervised voting which he himself admits opens the door wide to fraud. He betrayed his oath and the people of the state by denying and infringing upon our God-given rights. Evnen is counting our votes in the electronic dark and that is a crime against the people of the state. Our elections belong to the people, not the government.

Low Energy Evnen needs to be retired. A recent Rasmussen survey (one of the most trusted names in polling) conducted just at beginning of March 2022 reports “that 83% of likely U.S voters believe the issues of election integrity will be important in this year’s elections”, including practically two thirds who say the issue will be “very important”. The definition of insanity is giving an oath-breaking politician another term and expecting different results. Bob Evnen does not trust the citizens of Nebraska and now believes single parents are potential criminals. Instead, he trusts an unelected third-party vendor that provides zero transparency in the management of our registration database, the tabulation of scanned and adjudicated ballot images, the artificial intelligence software that runs it all, and the unwillingness to have their whole system inspected for connectivity. The truth is people want MORE BORER! We see it publicly throughout our grassroots campaign at events across the state! We cannot afford to have another election like the one Lyin Evnen ignored!

Vote Robert J. Borer for Secretary of State on May 10th – the better Bob, for the job, Nebraska!

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