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  • Robert J. Borer

Robert's Rules for Election Integrity

01. We will bring integrity to our elections by bringing transparency to the process. 02. We will return ownership of our elections to the People of our counties. People are most affected by local election results. We need to elect good People at the local level who will stand up to wanna-be tyrants in higher office.

Local election officials will be informed that they work for and serve You the People of the county. They will be required to administer the transparent election process mentioned above in "01."

We expect local People to get involved in their local elections and keep an eye on everything. 03. We will take ownership of our voter rolls at the county and precinct levels and clean them up there, through citizen/resident involvement. The only People who should be on our county voter rolls are living citizens who are county residents that have registered to vote. These rolls will be made available to county and precinct voters so they can help verify that it contains only qualified voters. County rolls will be subdivided by precinct for easier verification. Every ballot will be accounted for. A record of everyone who votes will be maintained. 04. We will eliminate all electronic election equipment. The hardware and software of these machines is not transparent and therefore should not be trusted. 05. We will vote in-person on election day, with few exceptions. We will not sacrifice integrity for convenience. Our freedoms were won by great sacrifice. They must be maintained by some level of continued sacrifice. That said, it is no sacrifice at all to show up in person on election day and vote. 06. We will use currency-grade, counterfeit-proof, serialized paper ballots. 07. We will not accept ballots after the polls close. 08. We will conduct manual counts at the precinct level under HD live-streamed, archivable video, after the polls close. Everyone can watch live and/or after the fact, if they can't watch in person. The audit is hereby built into the count and provides every voter with confidence in the results. 09. We will certify results at the precinct level, report results to precinct voters, and then send them to the county. The county will tally precinct counts under the same HD video, certify results, report to county voters and then send the tally to the state. State will tally county tallies, certify and report to voters. Our elections belong to the People, not the media or government. The media does not get results before the People. All results will be reported within 24 hours.

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