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  • Robert J. Borer

Robert J. Borer to Participate In Voter Integrity Conference In Gettysburg, PA

LINCOLN, NE - Robert J. Borer announced today he will be traveling to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to attend the Voter Integrity Conference alongside the nation's foremost thought leaders.

"This weekend, I have the opportunity to gather at ground zero with election officials from around the country for an Election Integrity Forum in Gettysburg, PA hosted by Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano. I look forward to listening to their expertise on this issue as it is a glaring problem that carries implications across the board. Look, Nebraska ranks 43rd out of all states for worst election integrity laws in the Country! (Heritage Foundation) This is an issue that our current Secretary of State is not taking seriously. Frankly, it’s Evnendent he just doesn’t care!"
"Without safe and secure elections, there is no consent of the governed, and we are therefore no longer free citizens. I am intent on gathering more information at the Voter Integrity Conference that will equip me to lead the charge as your next Secretary of State in making changes that will instill integrity back into our state’s elections and restore public trust. We must ensure the “good life” for future generations of Nebraskans, and that means that each voice, each vote, should be protected!"
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