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Robert J. Borer To Participate in 'Take Back Nebraska' Summit with Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam

LINCOLN, NE - Robert J. Borer, Candidate for Secretary of State, will be participating as a featured guest for a panel discussion on election integrity and security at the Nebraska Freedom Coalition's and Turning Point USA's 'Take Back Nebraska' Summit held at Creighton University on Saturday, April 9.

"I appreciate the opportunity and am looking forward to open and honest discussion regarding Nebraska's and our Nation's broken election systems. Voters don't trust the accuracy and integrity of our elections anymore," stated Borer. "Thank you to both organization's teams and Creighton University for hosting the inaugural event. It's time to instill integrity back into our elections. Let's go restore public confidence at the ballot box."

For more information about the 'Take Back Nebraska' Summit and to register for the free event, visit

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