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  • Robert J. Borer

Remote access to our election equipment

Through the Public Records Request process, we know the State of Nebraska uses ES&S supplied Dell computers to run its elections and apparently now we know ES&S has remote access...

It's called iDRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) technology. ES&S can get access to the server without it being recorded in a log and the machine doesn’t even need to be powered up.

“These embedded server management technologies allow a system administrator to monitor and manage servers and other network-attached equipment by remote control regardless of whether the machine is powered on or whether an operating system is installed or functional. The iDRAC provides remote access to the system console (keyboard and screen), allowing the system BIOS to be accessed over the Internet when the server is rebooted. Key features of iDRAC include power management, virtual media access, and remote console capabilities. These features give administrators the ability to configure a machine as if they were sitting in front of the local console.”

Do you think Bob Evnen knows this?

Read more: Dell EMC iDRAC 9 and Lifecycle Controller Review -

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