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Perkins County Republican Committee Endorses Robert J. Borer for Nebraska Secretary of State

Grant, NE The Perkins County Republican Committee announced today the candidates they are endorsing for the upcoming Nebraska Primary Election on May 10th. Among them is Robert J. Borer for Secretary of State.

“Voters aren’t always engaged in the Primary election, despite how important it is for all Nebraskans,” said Committee Chairwoman Melissa Sauder. “Voting for the right candidates is absolutely critical, especially when it comes to the position of Secretary of State. This position is vital in guaranteeing that our elections are fair, which is the foundation for integrity of all our governmental offices. The Perkins County Republican Committee is here to help voters with the process of knowing which candidate they can trust. We feel that Robert J. Borer is the best candidate for this important task in our history.”

Perkins County Republican Committee members have, for several months, attended candidate forums, spoken one-on-one with candidates, examined past voting histories of each candidate, and have overall educated themselves on the actions and character of the three candidates who are vying for Secretary of State. What the Perkins County Republican Committee has found in Robert J. Borer is a demonstrated ability to execute the functions of the role of Secretary of State, and serve the citizens of Nebraska with a high amount of integrity.

Robert J. Borer was born and raised in Nebraska, is a graduate of Doane University, and the father of six adult children. Bob and his wife, Cheryl, reside in Lincoln.

Bob is a retired fire captain, having served 27 years on the Lincoln Fire and Rescue engine/EMS/rescue crews and as a training officer. For the last two years since his retirement, Bob has dedicated himself full-time to holding local and state government officials and agencies accountable for actions that negatively impact our civil liberties.

“I believe the citizens of Nebraska deserve accountability and transparency from their elected and appointed public servants,” stated Borer. “I am running for Nebraska Secretary of State to once again secure for us the sacred integrity of our elections. I thank the Perkins County Republican Committee for its endorsement and belief in me.”

For more information on Robert J. Borer, log on to his website at The Perkins County Republican Committee can be reached through its Facebook page at

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