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  • Robert J. Borer

Our election system is broken...

Within the past month, we have seen illegal ballot harvesting in Georgia where there is video evidence along with the perpetrators' cell phone "ping" evidence as they kept visiting the same drop boxes. These mules were used as paid stooges to steal our vote.

In Colorado, we now know there was an unauthorized creation of new Tabulation and Adjudication databases that occurred during the counting of the November 2020 General Election. Along with this, someone used selective copying of batch and ballot records thus eliminating the ability for an accurate count. You can watch an overview of this conclusion here. Our vote was stolen.

Less than a week ago Robin Vos, speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly finally admitted there was widespread election fraud in his home state of Wisconsin. You may recall in an earlier email, that Wisconsin like Nebraska uses ES&S as their election vendor, and in both our states it was found that Mark Zuckerberg used his money to funnel into a leftwing resource called CTCL, into key counties in both states.

There are many other instances of fraud in our state as well as others with similar fraudulent activities, but despite that, our current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen says, "safe and secure" and nothing to see here.

I'm not buying that, are you?

Friends, we need to give control of our votes back to the people in our counties. We need to move away from centralized machine control that is outsourced to a third-party vendor. That provides zero transparency. It is my goal, as Nebraska's next Secretary of State, to bring the counting of paper ballots back to the precinct level, hand-counted by We The People instead of ES&S!

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