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  • Robert J. Borer

Dear Nebraska Board of State Canvassers

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Nebraska Board of State Canvassers

Gov Pete Ricketts, Sec Robert Evnen, AG Doug Peterson, Treas John Murante, Aud Charlie Janssen

Nebraska Secretary of State

1445 K Street, Suite 2300

Lincoln, NE 68509

Canvassing Board Members,

I'm writing in regard to the duty you were obligated to perform when it came to certifying the election of November 2020.

Did each of you honestly take a close and critical look at the election process and results, as canvassing board members are obligated to do?

What questions did you ask before signing your name to the certification document (attached below)? What research did you do before and during the election?

Did you ask if every part of the process was transparent? Did you ask if every part of the process was secure? Did you ask if chain-of-custody was in place at every step of the way? Did you ask if our voter registration rolls were secure?

If you asked these (and other) questions and they were answered in the affirmative, what evidence was provided to convince you the answers were true?

If you asked these questions and they weren't answered in the affirmative, if provisions weren't made for absolute transparency and security, if every voter wasn't verified to be a US citizen, a county resident, and registered voter, then you should NOT have certified the election... not until every county got it right.

If you didn't ask these questions, woe is you.

Election integrity is everything. Without it, we don't have the "consent of the governed." Without it, our "unalienable rights" aren't secure. Without it, our rights and civil liberties quickly vanish, as we've seen these past two years.

Where are the bully pulpits? Where is critical thinking? Where is the brutal honesty? Are they all overshadowed by private allegiances?

Your allegiance is to the Constitution and We the People. (And We the People are Awake.)

Why are democrats (not all) and incumbents the only ones who think our elections are secure? The radical leftist organization Civic Nebraska loves the way our current Secretary is conducting our elections:

To say there is no fraud in Nebraska is total propaganda and our Secretary knows it. He hasn't looked. Our corrupt federal government, in alliance with ES&S, launched the propaganda campaign immediately after the November election, while they were still "double-checking." See for yourself:

Centralizing our elections into a nontransparent, private black box company called ES&S is contrary to everything our Founders stood for in their creation of a government with separation of powers and checks and balances at every level.

I would sincerely like to know if you honestly think you were a responsible, oathkeeping canvassing board member and public servant who took his duty to our Nebraska citizens seriously, or if you were just a rubber stamp? Nevermind. I know the answer. The proof of the puddin's in the eatin'.

Something is rotten in Denmark, and We the People aim to fix it.

Last but not least, check this video out from Michigan, where they have found all kinds of fraud since certification:

The story is still playing out, and I'm betting it doesn't go well for lots of people. The only way for it not to is for those involved to humble themselves, admit they made a mistake, and fix it, while there's still time.

Time's a-wastin'.

Your Humble Check and Balance,

Robert J. Borer

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