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  • Robert J. Borer

My Wishlist

Someone asked me for a "Christmas list" of what I would like to have from every county's election office. Obviously, the database would be #1 but that's not going to happen, so here is my Christmas list of everything I want (election-wise):

1. Voter rolls/histories, as close to before the 2020 election and then after it as you can get. If they don't keep historical roll files (which would be a violation of Federal Retention requirements, but that doesn't seem to matter to these people) anything is better than nothing.

2. Cast Vote Record that lists every ballot in sequence of being entered into the system, the votes on it, how it was voted (in person, mail, etc.), and the tabulator used. No matter what they say, this will NOT disclose any voter information, nor do I want that.

3. Tabulator logs/tapes from all machines.

4. The operating system's network access log contemporaneous with the 2020 election period.

5. If it is not published already, a precinct-level report of final tallies.

6. Whatever information they log about provisional ballots - not personal voter info, the number they had, how many were "cured", how many were not, with as much detail as they can provide without violating an individual voter's privacy.

7. A list of all voters purged from the rolls since 11/3/2020 including the dates.

8. Ballot images, because it’s not your ballot that is counted, it’s the image of your ballot that is scanned, read, and recorded.

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