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  • Robert J. Borer

My head is spinning…

I was just driving to another speaking engagement and on the radio came a commercial break. None other than the current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen came on declaring he is for safe and fair elections. Really? He then proceeded to tell the listening audience that he supports Voter ID, is against private money like "Zuckerbucks" and is against ballot stuffing.

Yes, I realize this is politics and politicians can lie through their teeth and it's protected by our First Amendment, but it is still astonishing when you consider the facts.

I spent the better part of 6 months writing Public Records Request looking for explicit answers on the Zuckerberg money laundered through an organization called CTCL on its way to the County of Lancaster and presumably into the City of Lincoln and their democrat mayor. We could never get specific details. Both Evnen's office and the County would only disclose general information. Remember, this money was funneled into Lincoln under the leadership of the current Secretary of State! He says he did not know about it! Does this look like good leadership?

One other laughable statement was when he stated he is against ballot stuffing. This is, of course, the process of having hired "ballot mules" who are paid to take potentially fraudulent ballots and shove them into the ballot boxes that were distributed into mostly democrat communities throughout the City of Lincoln.

The irony with this bloviated statement is that Evnen single handedly petitioned the State Senate to change election laws in the State of Nebraska that added scores of ballot boxes and in some cases disallowed in person voting in place of these boxes. To make it more obscene, Evnen installed these drop boxes in areas with no cameras or other security measures that would prevent ballot stuffing. Until we called him on it, he used to say they were secured because they were bolted to the ground. Secretary Evnen, this is the year 2022 and no one is going to walk off with these boxes, but certainly, they will stuff them!

Please tell me, is this man deserving of another 4 years in public office? Will you trust him again? I say no! Please support my campaign by voting in person on the day of the election and sending Bob Evnen back to his law practice to work there instead.

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