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Lancaster County Straw Poll Results Show Robert J. Borer Clear Front Runner

Updated: May 7, 2022

Today, the Lancaster County Republican Party released a straw poll that showed Robert J. Borer as the candidate far and away in the lead in the race for Secretary of State. The campaign issued the following statement:

"Lancaster County recently held the largest convention in state history, so we take this poll as a solid gauge of where people stand in this race. It is consistent with the energy we’ve seen from across the state for this campaign. When you run a campaign that centers on We The People it’s easy for voters to gravitate towards the rest of your message. Nebraska voters appreciate someone who is willing to meet with them face to face and discuss their real concerns. They see right through any pandering and appreciate sincere, thoughtful answers. Nebraskans have emphasized restoring integrity back into our elections because right now, that confidence is entirely lackluster and that’s a result of our current leadership or lack thereof really. Robert has attended more events and met with more voters in the last two months than most candidates do in a year's time. His pace is unmatched. Nobody can outwork Robert and that is the same ethic he will bring to the Secretary's office once he is elected. This poll is simply indicative of where voters' hearts and minds are really at, and we look forward to seeing a similar result this Tuesday.”

The Lancaster County Republican Party poll was conducted from April 28, 2022 to May 2, 2022. The poll was hosted on the LCRP website (built by NationBuilder) and shared via LCRP email and social media.

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