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  • Robert J. Borer

ICYMI: The Laptop from H*ll

Earlier this week, the New York Times suddenly admitted that Hunter Biden's laptop and all that is on it is authentic. During the campaign leading up to the November 3rd General Election, the laptop subject was brought up by then President Trump. Despite the moderator trying to brush it aside, candidate Biden was forced to address it which he did by accusing the Russians they were behind the laptop from Hell. The media agreed, social media banned anyone who spoke out differently and Biden was supposedly elected.

The contents of the laptop include illicit photos with Hunter and underage children as well as emails that show a pay-to-play set up between nation-states including the Chinese Communists. Please think this through... our current President and his family received large sums of money in backroom deals and lied about it. This puts our nation at an extreme security risk. There is no other way to say it than we are compromised. How many decisions since November 3rd, 2020 have been made to keep Biden out of trouble with those who are extorting him?

Where is the current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen on this? This sham played on the American people during the election is just one more piece of evidence that the current Secretary of State chooses to ignore. As your next Secretary of State, I will move Heaven and Earth to get down to the truth behind our election equipment, the unmanned drop boxes, the Zuckerberg connections to Lancaster County, and everything else that is nefarious.

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