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ICYMI: Secretary of State Candidates Disagree On Election Security

'Election integrity Is the issue for our nation and state,' challenger says

Three candidates are vying for Nebraska's secretary of state in the May 10 primary election.

Lincoln attorney Bob Evnen is the Republican incumbent.

He is challenged by two other Republicans, Robert Borer of Lincoln, and Rex Schroder of Palmyra.

Security of the election system appears to be the biggest issue dividing the candidates.

Evnen said Nebraska's 2020 election during the pandemic won national recognition for network security for voter registration.

"We kept our election safe. Our elections were secure. Our elections were a model for the nation," Evnen said.

Borer disagrees.

"Election integrity Is the issue for our nation and state right now," Borer recently told supporters attending a campaign rally.

Borer is a retired Lincoln fire captain who was awarded the Congressional Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, the highest civilian award.

"Our country is under attack. So I'm running to fight for our rights to the freedom that our founding fathers died to give us," Borer said.

The 63-year-old believes voting should be done in person except for military, older people and travel.

"Right now. We have mass unsupervised voting. We are mailing ballots out and we don't know where they end up. We are inviting people to vote remotely via the drop boxes. And these are just not secure ways to conduct elections," Borer said.

He supports better verification, using counterfeit-proof ballots and hand-counting ballots.

"Conduct a transparent manual count at the precinct level under high definition, live stream video that's archivable," Borer said.

He wants more transparency.

"If they are not transparent, the only reason that can be is because they have something to hide," Borer said.

Evnen said there is nothing to hide.

"I've investigated all of it. I've run it all all of it to ground and none of it pans out. There. There wasn't any machine manipulation in our state that anyone has presented any evidence," Evnen said.

He posted a Fake vs. Fact report on his website.

He doesn't see a need for hand-counting ballots.

"Counting ballots would mean great delays in getting results. And the other thing to consider by hand-counting ballots is there's a lot of evidence that it's not that accurate even when it's done honestly. But there's also evidence that there are people who come in with agendas. There are people who come in and are subject to bribes. There's corruption in hand counting of ballots. It's not the silver bullet for accuracy," Evnen said.

He does agree with tightening mail-in ballots.

He called for legislation that was just passed by lawmakers securing drop boxes and banning private money to fund elections.

"That's where there can be compromises to our system. And that's the place where we really need to focus. In terms of election security," Evnen said.

Both candidates agree on photo ID at the ballot.

We also asked the candidate how they viewed the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol.

Borer said, "Out of respect for the people who've been mistreated over that issue. I'm going to decline."

Evnen said, "The Jan. 6 situation is something that illustrates the frustration and concern on the part of a number of people across the country."

"But there's never any justification for violence, for storming the Capitol. There's never any justification for that," Evnen said.

Rex Schroder declined to be interviewed for our story.


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