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ICYMI: Lancaster County Republican Party Passes Election Integrity Resolution

Resolution Requests Nebraska Secretary of State to Conduct Full Forensic Audit of 2020 General and 2021 City/County Elections

WHEREAS the ability of American citizens to exercise their right to vote is foundational to our constitutional republic; and

WHEREAS believing in the legitimacy of the American form of government depends on the citizens’ widespread confidence in the fairness of elections and acceptance of election results; and

WHEREAS free and fair elections are essential to preserving our county, state, republic, and the many God-given freedoms and liberties we enjoy; and

WHEREAS preserving the integrity of the electoral process is one of our government’s most important responsibilities; and WHEREAS the administration of elections in Nebraska is governed by an extensive set of duly enacted laws; and

WHEREAS however, election laws are not self-enforcing but rely on the good faith efforts of election officials to dutifully carry out those laws as written in order to ensure fair elections; and

WHEREAS a majority of Nebraskans have legitimate doubts about the validity of the 2020 US Election, down ballot results, and the 2021 Lincoln City/Lancaster County elections based on analysis of vote trends, voter registration, and voter turnout data that is anomalous, including the use of unsecured and unmonitored ballot boxes infused by outside private financial sources; and

WHEREAS on September 30, 2020, Lancaster County Board Chair Sean Flowerday received a letter from Tiana Epps-Johnson, Executive Director of the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization awarding Lancaster County grant funds in the amount of $404,584.50 for “the public purpose of planning and operationalizing safe and secure election administration in Lancaster County in 2020;” and

WHEREAS CTCL founders Tiana Epps-Johnson, Whitney May, and Donny Bridge all previously worked on activism relating to election rules for the New Organizing Institute, once described by The Washington Post as “the Democratic Party’s Hogwarts for digital wizardry;” and

WHEREAS on October 4, 2020 Joe Biden said on national television, “We have put together… …the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics;” and

WHEREAS on October 6, 2020 in County-City Building, Room 112, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners made a motion by Amundson, seconded by Vest, and unanimously approved the grant contract with CTCL; and

WHEREAS Lancaster County Election Commissioner David Shively outlined expenditure items in a CTCL COVID-19 Response Grant Report which included $10,940.03 for additional ballot drop boxes, $110,121.26 for temporary staffing support, $1,500.00 for costs associated with satellite election department office, $266,197.84 for vote-by-mail/absentee voting equipment and supplies, $2,002.39 for election administration equipment, and $13,823.98 for non-partisan voter education, and thanked CTCL for their assistance; and

WHEREAS cities that received grants were not allowed to use the money to fund outside help unless CTCL specifically approved their plans in writing and had an abundance of “partners” to help with “anything” the cities needed. Available partners included but were not limited to the following: Power the Polls, a liberal group recruiting poll workers, promised to help with ballot curing, the liberal Mikva Challenge worked to recruit high school-age poll workers, the left-wing Brennan Center to help with “election integrity” including “post-election audits” and “cybersecurity,” liberal billionaire Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund to design absentee ballots and voting instructions, Digital Response to “run a website health check,” “setup communications channels,” “bring poll worker application and management online,” track and respond to polling location wait times,” process incoming [vote-by-mail] applications, the National Vote at Home Institute for “technical assistance” and “oversee voting machines,” and The Elections Group providing assistance in handling drop boxes and voter outreach to name a few; and

WHEREAS The Capital Research Center investigated how CTCL influenced voter turnout and on March 15, 2021 in testimony before the Arizona Senate Committee on Government, attorney Christian Adams said: “We at Capital Research Center have examined CTCL’s list, as well as news databases and local government reports, to assemble the full truth comes out because we’ve found grant amounts for most large jurisdictions. We’ve publicly disclosed all the data we can find and published reports for the states of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Virginia and for every state we’ve examined, it is clear Zuckerberg’s funding via CTCL has produced a highly partisan pattern;” and

WHEREAS non-profit 501(c)(3)s are barred from supporting specific candidates or parties; and

WHEREAS it is the duty of the Nebraska Legislature to make laws and to exercise its oversight and investigative authority to determine the extent to which elections in Nebraska have been conducted in compliance with the law; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Lancaster County Republican Party urges the Legislature, Attorney General, and Governor to investigate the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners and Lancaster County Election Commission and requests the Secretary of State to commit to a full forensic audit of Lancaster County’s 2020 General and 2021 City/County Elections to be conducted by an independent, nonpartisan audit group. This full forensic audit may consist of but not be limited to auditing physical voting artifacts such as paper ballots, envelopes; non-physical voting artifacts such as scanned images and envelope images; physical voter verification through canvassing; and non-physical voter verification through review of the registration database and signature records; and shall be made public by September 1, 2022.

Passed: April 21, 2022


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