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  • Robert J. Borer

I need your help...


If you are as concerned as I am about the truthfulness of our election system used here in Nebraska, I need your help.

If you believe something isn't quite right with the 2020 election and want a fighter, I need your help.

If you don't trust a computer algorithm to accurately count your vote, I need your help.

If you want to eliminate machine counts and have the Nebraska Secretary of State's office stop obstructing our counties from doing their own hand counts, I need your help.

If you are tired of your government's ineffectiveness and looking for an advocate, I need your help.

If you are tired of seeing corruption and government buffoonery, I need your help.

I need your help to have you call on your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers all active and motivated to physically show up at the polls and VOTE on May 10th! Unlike the current Secretary of State, I will fight for you!

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