• Robert J. Borer

He's Running and Hiding...

It's clear current Secretary of State Bob Evnen is running for office but also hiding. During his campaign, he's cancelled numerous planned campaign stops including one at Elevate Church where he planned to address the congregation. He has set up a campaign Facebook page where he posts various messages, but he deletes all the comments that question his record. Instead of rebutting an assertion, he simply does what Twitter, Facebook, and other social media do when you confront their narrative... DELETE!

Here's one such example of many:

I have offered my time to Mr. Evnen's campaign to set up a debate, so we both can explain our platforms for all of Nebraska to see. The response? Crickets. 🦗

If you believe a debate between us would be beneficial, please email Mr. Evnen and explain why you want one. You can email him here at

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