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  • Robert J. Borer

Grossly Mismanaged SoS Office Requires Investigation

Friends, This letter will be short. Before I dive in, though, I have an important plea to make:

Dr. Douglas Frank, PhD and Ret. AF Col. Shawn Smith, both brilliant men, will be at our State Capitol tomorrow (Wed., March 2nd) speaking to election integrity. We are looking for every available patriot who can, to come and simply show their support by their presence. It would be great if we could literally flood the halls of the first floor. All we need is your presence and enthusiasm. These brilliant men can help us make a huge difference in our state, and they are sacrificing their valuable time to do that. Let us sacrifice ours. Please come, bring as many family and friends as possible, and show your support and enthusiasm.

Now to the subject matter at hand. Keep in mind, as you read the following, that our State Government Effectiveness Act, Nebraska Revised Statute Chapter 81, Section 2702 states:

"The Legislature finds and declares that it is in the vital interest of the people of this state that their government operate in accordance with the law and without fraud, waste, or mismanagement."

So why am I calling for an investigation, per the subject line above? For the following reasons, and more. 1) I was recently contacted by a prior local election office worker and advised that I should ask Secretary Evnen's office for a copy of the Policy and Procedure Manual that is provided to counties for use in our elections. He said I would be shocked. He then asked if they were going to monitor the drop boxes this time? I thought he was serious about the manual. So I responded with, "Could I get one from my local election office?" He then came back and said (more or less):

"The reason I said you would be shocked is that it is my understanding there is no written policy and procedure manual that the state provides to the counties. Apparently, it is up to the county election commissioner/clerk to use his or her best practices. I think that leaves the election open to fraud at the county level. As far as I know, at least in xxxxx county, the only monitoring of the drop boxes is by incidental cameras that are part of building security where they are placed and not dedicated cameras for election security." That is one story from one election office worker. I have more. Many more. That are even more shocking. 2) Lancaster County doesn't keep a list of the names of everyone who votes in a given election. Neither does Evnen. How can we ever conduct a real audit then? 3) Evnen allowed $404,000 of private money to interfere in our Lancaster County election. 4) I requested, several weeks ago, by way of a formal Public Records Request, a simple digital copy of all instructor training materials used by Evnen's office in training our election offices across the state on how to conduct their elections and how to use their secret ES&S election equipment. For rhetorical effect, I listed the following training components that I expected to be included: -how to verify voter eligibility -how to verify signatures -how to process absentee/mail-in ballot requests (sending and receiving) -what to do with multiple ballot requests from the same person (and how to preserve all requests) -how to process drop-box ballots -how to process in-person ballots -how to process provisional ballots -how to process late ballots -how to make sure a given ballot isn't a counterfeit ballot (printed illegally) -how to prevent ballot stuffing/harvesting -how to set up, test and operate the machines -how to install software updates to the machines -how to prevent hacking -how to ensure the machines aren't connected to the internet -how to run ballot test batches -how to tabulate actual/live ballots -how to provide checks and balances in tabulation (in order to avoid the accusation of feeding through the same batch of ballots more than once, and not to miss other batches) -how to verify the final live machine count -how to transmit results and how to verify accurate transmission -how to adjudicate/resolve an unreadable/unfeedable ballot -how to print a BOD ballot -[and most importantly] how to successfully terminate election day...that is, how to properly preserve all machine data, tabulation results, ballots, [lists], etc -please include a digital copy all instructor presentation slides, all "student" handouts (including manuals) provided to officials to assist them in conducting a smooth operation on election day as well as a link to a video recording of a training session, if such a recording exists

I concluded this list by saying that it wasn't exclusive, and that if anything else was covered in their training presentations, to please include it. What was the response I got? I was told that I ask too many questions. I was told that the request would take months to fill. Apparently these training materials contain secret stuff that must be redacted. Lastly, I was told that fulfilling the request would cost $210, since they had to spend time on redactions. 5) There is no transparency to the audits of the 2-2.5% of our precincts that Evnen claims to conduct. 6) He signed a huge contract (with our money) with an election machine company that hides the truth from We the People. I could go on, but because I said I would keep this short, I will conclude with the following:

Our county election offices are not managed with the purpose of securing our sacred votes. Election office managers are not encouraged to think critically and keep election integrity foremost in mind. Election office operations are based on processes, not the preservation of evidence. This is not to say that we don't have some integrity-minded people in those offices, just that their hands are tied, or so they are led to believe.

I'm calling for an investigation. Because Evnen certified an election that he had no basis/justification for certifying. He engaged in processes, not integrity. The purpose of a canvassing board is to "examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize." Evnen didn't examine anything. And he refuses to be accountable to We the People. Someone should launch an investigation, ASAP. Robert J. Borer

P.S. Shawn Smith giving a brilliant presentation:

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