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  • Robert J. Borer

Evnen is lying

If you have heard Mr. Evnen's radio commercials, or perhaps received one of his post cards you will find the current Secretary of State is touting his support in "Fighting For Election Integrity". First, on the list, he states: "Wrote legislation banning outside money and ballot harvesting in Nebraska Elections".

The problem with this assertion is that at best it is blatantly misleading. There are no laws banning outside money and the fact that he is still pushing for the same unsecured (no cameras) drop boxes, he is not securing anything except, perhaps his win in the primary.

Don't let Bob Evnen get away with lying then rewarding him with your vote. I will get laws passed and also investigate what occurred in 2020.

Please see where Nebraska resides on banning outside money in the chart below provided by NPR and Capital Research Center. As you can see they are using the word "being" which means some states are actually working on this, but Nebraska is not!

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