• Robert J. Borer

Evnen does not trust Nebraskans

Did you happen to catch the recent testimony by Secretary of State Bob Evnen in front of the Nebraska State Senate's Government Committee pertaining to going to a paper ballot, hand counting method of tabulating our votes? In the video below you can hear the part of his testimony where he asserts that Nebraska single moms will be prone to taking bribes so that they would cheat during a count.

Quite the statement by a politician who works in an industry that perfected the art of bribery!

Bob Evnen does not trust the citizens of Nebraska and in particular now believes single moms are potential criminals in wait, "You don't think that can happen," says Bob Evnen?

Instead, he trusts an unelected third-party vendor that provides zero transparency in the management of our registration database, the tabulation of scanned and adjudicated ballot images, the artificial intelligence software that runs it all and the unwillingness to have their whole system inspected for connectivity.

I trust the citizens of Nebraska to do the right thing! As your next Secretary of State, I will bring our elections back to We The People.

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