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Dr. Douglas Frank Endorses Robert J. Borer for Secretary of State

Dr. Douglas G. Frank, a 40-year modeler of pandemics and elections, renowned scientist, and inventor with approximately sixty peer-reviewed scientific reports, including feature and cover articles in the leading scientific journals in the world (Science, Nature, Naturwissenschaften) announced his endorsement of Robert J. Borer for Secretary of State.

"I've grown quite fond of Nebraska, having been there several times during the last year working with the Fix 2020 grassroots movement.
During my last Nebraska visit I met Secretary of State candidate Bob (Robert) Borer at the capitol. I also spent time with him recently in Gettysburg during an even where we endorsed Doug Mastriano for governor. We've had meals and planning sessions together, so I have a decent read on him.
Bob is a remarkable man with a remarkable career of service to the community. I'm not surprised to see him stepping up to serve his fellow Nebraskans once again. Nebraska elections are a disaster, and Bob is committed to restoring free and fair elections to the state.
It's a no-brainer. If I were a Nebraskan, I'd be voting for Robert J Borer for Nebraska Secretary of State.
So should you."

Dr. Frank built upon Kurt Hyde’s theory from 2010 that suggested that US Census data could be used to artificially inflate voter registration databases across the country. He further asserted that voter registration databases were indeed inflated during the 2020 General Election and that, using an algorithm that he theorizes was developed at the state level and applied to the voter registration information in each individual county in a state, the voter turnout of the election was predictable to an unusually high level of accuracy.

Using 2010 US Census data and updated 2019 American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau, Dr. Frank is able to predict not only the voter turnout by age, but voter registration by age. When Frank’s prediction is compared to the actual voter turnout and voter registration by age, it correlates to an unusually high level of accuracy.

Counties across Nebraska had more registered voters in certain age groups than eligible voters exist in the population, and in many cases in older cohorts, voter turnout was nearly 100% and sometimes exceeded the total eligible population.

Dr. Frank has performed his analysis on at least 30 other states and has found the same disturbing pattern where he is able to predict the voter turnout rate for every age bracket in many counties based only US Census Bureau data.

The following chart shows an overview of each state and how “clean” or “dirty” their voter rolls and turnout numbers appear to be:

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