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  • Robert J. Borer

Democrats warned Americans...

After 2016 many Democrats including Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, and Amy Klobuchar warned Americans that computer voting machines are easy to hack.

Here are 110 articles from NYT, CNN, Salon, and Wired to name a few:

In 2021, Clerk Tina Peters of Mesa County, preserved her county’s election records by taking two backup images of the system — one before and one after Dominion Voting installed the ‘Trusted Build’. ES&S is no different.

For doing that she’s been raided by the FBI, publicly arrested in a coffee shop, and indicted by a Grand Jury. I believe this is why.

Cyber security experts examined the images and issued three reports. The first report found critical Mesa County log data and election records were erased during the Trusted Build.

The 2nd report found 36 wireless devices — able to connect to the Internet¬— are inside Mesa’s election equipment. And security protocols required by law for voting machines are almost non-existent so any computer in the world can hack into Mesa’s machines.

2nd report:

The 3rd report revealed that in both the 2020 and 21 elections, after about 20,000 ballots were scanned, a 2nd Tabulation database was created inside the machine — unknown to the Mesa County Election Staff. All votes were transferred to this 2nd Database from the first except for about 5000 which were left behind and essentially erased. The machines were used to change the election — either through a programmed algorithm or an outside hacker.

3rd report:

Matt Crane dismissed the authors of the 3 Mesa County Reports as ‘grifters and bad actors’. I prefer to call them patriots. Each of the 3 authors have 40 years of experience in cyber security and database development. They have worked for major companies and the Department of Defense.

As a citizen of Nebraska, I don’t trust our elections because we use voting machines. Everything Bob Evnen doesn’t do is making me more suspicious. He acts like someone with something to hide. Why doesn’t he want us to audit the data in the machines? Now we know.

Many countries like Canada, France, and Ireland don’t use voting machines. That’s what I want to see happen in Nebraska. Voting machines are a crime against democracy.

Our County Commissioners have the power to end the use of voting machines statewide. I will help them lead that effort.

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