• Robert J. Borer

Lancaster County Official Needs to Retire

I just finished listening to Commander Jack's KLIN Drive Time interview with current Lancaster County Commissioner Deb Schorr over the Zuckerbucks issue.

Schorr excuses the matter by saying they applied for and took the private, partisan Zuckerbucks election money ($404,000+) so they could make voters feel safer voting.

Excuse me. How much safer can we make "voters" feel than by sending them mail-in ballots to fill out in their own living rooms? ...and by providing them with unmanned, unmonitored, unsecured drop-boxes everywhere to drop them in (if for some reason they're afraid of the USPS)?

I guess it never occurred to Ms. Schorr that she was also making it safer for bad actors to commit election fraud, through ballot harvesting/stuffing. But no mind. She's in good company because Bob Evnen was also terrified of the pandemic and supported the same thing.

Schorr also lauds signature verification. Signature verification is for experts. No election official would qualify in a court of law. Shively's office agreed. They told at least one election worker they were not the signature police. Nevermind that signatures can be easily obtained from the USPS and DMV.

Deb Schorr needs to be retired and replaced by someone with critical thinking skills.

So does Bob Evnen.

Robert J Borer

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