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Robert J. Borer Files Conflict of Interest with Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission

Creeping complacency has been commonplace for those in power for ages. It is what often leads to failure. Despite this tragedy of ignorance, it is no excuse for falling asleep at the wheel. Much as the current Secretary casually let our elections go on unguarded, actually enabling avenues for fraud to more easily take place, so too has the current Secretary and his team gotten sloppy with their campaign and official duties. From the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commissions website:

  1. Use of Public Resources - Public officials and public employees may not use, or authorize the use of public resources, personnel, property or funds under their official care and control for:

  2. Personal Financial gain or the financial gain of an immediate family member or business association.

  3. Purpose other than those provided by law; or

  4. The Purpose of supporting or opposing the nomination or election of a candidate or the qualification, passage or defeat of a ballot question.

Plainly, Bob Evnen is using the Nebraska Secretary of State government website to promote campaign talking points. Citing sources as it relates to advancing campaign talking points without an opportunity for opposition or rebuttal is a clear conflict of interest. This illegal utilization of a state government website for campaign purposes at no cost (except to the taxpayer) is just one more way establishment politics are hard at work taking advantage of We the People. Today, Robert Borer filed a Conflict of Interest Statement with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. It’s time public officials are held accountable. Transparency is the only remedy for this type of erroneous behavior.

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