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  • Robert J. Borer

NE Election Systems... Connected, or not connected?

Current Secretary of State, Bob Evnen is constantly chirping that our state's election systems are NOT connected to the internet. Perhaps he says that because this is what ES&S tells him. However, when you look at what he touts as security measures, such as having Albert Sensors deployed, you get to see his incongruent messaging to reality. An Albert sensor is a technology that is supposed to alert us to intrusions into our election systems network.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) which awarded Nebraska as an innovator for deploying Albert Sensors has organized a group of vendors and other advocates specifically for the “Election Community.” This “Community” includes all the (questionable) players we have come to know such as our current election systems vendor ES&S, Cook County Democracy Fund, Hart Intercivic, NIST, Verified Voting, US-EAC, and many more.

They publish a handbook called “Elections Infrastructure Security.” CIS also publishes a list of cyber threats updated regularly. But wait… I am confused. We keep being told our Election Systems are not connected to the internet.

I don’t believe the current Secretary of State and his assertion our election is not on the internet in some fashion, which leads me to question his ability to assess the situation and perform his duties as the overseer of a free and fair election. Do you?

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