• Robert J. Borer

campaign promotional materials updated

Updated: Oct 19

If you'd like to help with the cause of constitutional government, representative government, federalism/states' rights/nullification, government of-by-and-for-the-people through honest elections, etc., the following pdfs can be downloaded and taken to a local printer for printing and sharing.

Business Cards

Borer for Gov business cards
Download PDF • 558KB

Palm Card. The back side doubles as window dressing (car or home), mailbox dressing, etc.

borer4gov palm 10.19
Download PDF • 223KB

Yard Sign

borer4gov yard 10.19
Download PDF • 52KB

4 x 8 Sign or Banner

borer4gov 4x8 10.19
Download PDF • 56KB

For the latest correspondence, see my newletter.

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