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  • Robert J. Borer

Bob Evnen Keeps Asking the Wrong Question

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


Quoting Bob Evnen:

"Why do we have vaults in banks? Why don't we just wait till it's robbed before we put a vault in? You have to stay ahead of this curve."

Source: Video at

Excuse me? How obtuse can a guy get?

First of all, vaults aren't foolproof. That is, they don't absolutely prevent theft. They only make it harder (assuming they are chosen and used properly) to steal physical assets that are on location. Let me say that again...physical assets that are on location. Vaults aren't the end-all-be-all in bank asset security. Nowhere close. Not given the digital/electronic/computerized age we live in. You don’t even have to touch a bank to rob it these days.

Second point. Barring physical damage, how do we know a bank has even been robbed, and by how much, without regular audits?

Bob Evnen is asking the wrong question. And he keeps asking it. Like a mindless mantra.

It's not, "Why do we have vaults in banks?" That's 19th-century thinking. It's, "Why do banks have multiple layers of both digital and hard security and why are those security measures continually audited, along with the bank’s digital and hard assets? ...and not just audited by bank employees, but by independent third parties who don’t have a personal stake in the results of an audit?" That’s the right question.

The premise of Bob’s question is that we need to prevent theft (election theft). So what has he done to prevent it? He’s definitely trying to give the impression he’s done something. What is it? What has he done?

Turns out he's done nothing. Nothing of any real import, anyway.

He doesn’t allow audits, period (not real ones…not independent, transparent, disinterested third-party ones). He doesn’t allow audits of our voter registration database. He doesn’t allow audits of our election results. He doesn’t allow audits of our election machine software. He doesn’t allow audits of our election machine hardware. He doesn’t allow audits of our election machine software updates (which occur every election cycle). He doesn’t allow audits of our election machine removable digital devices. He doesn’t allow audits of election machine vulnerability to fly-by devices.

Bob Evnen has done nothing.

He’s done nothing to protect the integrity of our elections. There are no checks and balances.

He can’t provide any evidence that our votes are secure and haven’t been stolen.

He can’t provide any evidence that our election equipment is functioning the way it’s supposed to. Election machines are very easy to hack. Ask any good IT guy. ES&S machines and ES&S-managed voter registration rolls are a hacker's paradise. We have no independent disinterested third-party evidence to say otherwise.

If Bob Evnen were a 21st-century banker, he would be broke, and you would too if you banked with him, and his 19th-century mentality.

Evnen’s warning that "[we] have to stay ahead of this curve" is intentionally misleading rhetoric at best, and psychological warfare at worst. It’s akin to the Deep State Plandemic propaganda we heard in the Spring of 2020 with the "two weeks to flatten the curve” mantra. Third point. The problem with Evnen’s “stay ahead of the curve” mantra is that everything else he says contradicts it. Everything else says he’s not ahead of the curve. He’s behind it.

It should tell you something when a subversive organization like Civic Nebraska supports Bob's dropbox scheme, which he himself admits, as we have already pointed out (if not here, then elsewhere), opens the door wide to ballot stuffing (aka election theft). We have the quotes.

Here's the big question. Does Bob Evnen already know how his re-election attempt will turn out? Does he already know that his re-election is secure because he gave multi-millions of our hard-earned tax dollars to a private election machine company that can control his destiny?

ES&S is a corporate partner with the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS). ES&S donates money to that Association. Don't kid yourself. ES&S is buying influence. And Bob Evnen is buying votes with your tax dollars...through ES&S machines. Prove me wrong. The operative principle here is “buyer beware,” not “buyer be gullible and naive.”

Bob Evnen's positive comments about the integrity of our elections are part of a larger election propaganda campaign by our federal government (who has been lying to us through their teeth about "covid") and by the NASS. Don't believe me? Follow the links below. Also, see the sister article to this one entitled “Buyer Beware”:

We know 2020 was stolen. Everyone knows it. The people who stole it better enjoy the calm before the storm (what's left of it, anyway), because there's one coming.

Enven is protecting himself, over the interests of We the People and our God-given and Constitutionally protected "elective franchise."

In other words, he has violated his Oath.

Robert J. Borer

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