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  • Robert J. Borer

Bait and Switch

Last year, in 2021 I sent a series of Public Records Requests to the Secretary of State's office, the County of Lancaster under the control of Dave Shively as well as the City of Lincoln once I found out that Lancaster County accepted over $400,000 in Zuckerberg money that was administered through CTCL. In return, I received back very general information that provided very little detail. They refused to send me any more, despite multiple attempts.

In this 4 minute video, listen carefully to what they found out in Wisconsin. Listen and then imagine what we would see here in Nebraska if not for the obstruction to the truth. The current resident in the Secretary of State's Office, Bob Evnen, publicly stated he had no idea Lancaster took the money. Although he was agreeable to preventing future private sector funding and participation in our elections, he refused to investigate. Are you satisfied with this?

As your next Secretary of State, I won't allow this issue to get brushed under the rug like Bob Evnen is doing!

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