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  • Robert J. Borer

A special kind of ignorance...

On the evening of March 1st, 2022, I was invited along with a handful of other citizens to meet with 8 state senators as well as Wayne Bena, Deputy Secretary of State. We were there to present what we know and understand to be facts concerning election fraud to these officials.

Besides a few of us Nebraskans, we were joined by Dr. Douglas Frank and Retired Air Force Colonel Shawn Smith. It started out with Dr. Frank laying out facts concerning Nebraska having 4,000 more votes than what the Secretary of State had voted in the 2020 election.

It became clear that Mr. Bena’s job there representing Bob Evnen was to poke holes in everything that was stated. Despite many attempts, in my opinion, Mr. Bena could not do it. Following Dr. Frank’s presentation came Colonel Smith where he first discussed his qualifications. His responsibilities in the Air Force included supervising teams of personnel whose job was to scrutinize our military defense systems devices for vulnerabilities to intrusion by our enemies. He provided facts such as some on his team were considered autistic, or savants with extraordinary skills in hacking abilities. He explained how rare these individuals are and how vital in our national security.

He further explained for every one of these gifted individuals we had, China had 10. It is assumed by Smith’s team at the time that all our electronic equipment devices are compromised, and these facts are added into the training.

In the end, those few Nebraskans with knowledge of voter fraud sat back astonished as well as the state senators. The only one in the room who still held his ground was Wayne J. Bena, on behalf of the current Secretary of State.

To believe somehow our election systems are not also a high-value target of our enemies takes some kind of special ignorance only those in government can have.

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