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  • Robert J. Borer

A letter to our Attorney General, Doug Peterson

April 16th, 2022 AG Doug Peterson Nebraska Attorney General's Office 2115 State Capitol PO Box 98920 Lincoln, NE 68509 Dear AG Peterson, I am hereby respectfully requesting an investigation into Lancaster County's elections, ASAP. In particular, the November 2020 election.

Election Commissioner Dave Shively did not keep critical records as required by law. He cannot provide us with a list of people who voted in November 2020. This effectively means he counted ballots/votes when he had no possible corresponding name that could account for that ballot. Moreover, Shively allowed private, partisan Mark Zuckerberg money to interfere in our November 2020 and May 2021 elections. That money was used to facilitate large-scale unsupervised, no-chain-of-custody voting, which has been acknowledged by our current Secretary to open the door wide to fraud. Moreover, our votes are being counted in secret, in the "electronic dark," where We the People, the citizens of Lancaster County, are not allowed to look, and see how those votes are being tallied and whether they are being tallied correctly. Aside from software issues, these machines have a ballot reading error rate that is quite high, higher than the margin of victory in most races. When did simple arithmetic become a trade secret? What is proprietary about simple addition? Since when was the process of simply adding 1 to any other number a big secret?There is no trade secret to simply counting votes, unless that counting is rigged. If we aren't allowed to look at the software, it's because something nefarious is being protected. Refusing to allow us to look at that software for "proprietary" reasons is utter nonsense.

I respectfully request your urgent attention to this matter. Corrupted elections represent a top-tier state and national security threat given elections affect national survival.

Retired AF Col Shawn Smith out of CO, who sat at the top of the DoD and was responsible for securing our nation's weapon defense systems from hackers, recently gave expert testimony in our state about the utter impossibility of securing our machines from manipulation by bad actors. Green Bay, WI had the same machines in their 2020 election, and they were all confirmed to be connected to the internet for manipulation purposes. Our Constitution provides for an elective franchise (which only stands to reason, given the Constitution itself came to us through an elective franchise) that is critical to securing our God-given, inherent and inalienable rights. If that elective franchise is compromised in any way, if that elective franchise is not completely transparent, it is not an elective franchise. It is a charade. A lie. And our Liberties are in grave danger. Look back over the last two years...and don't think the globalists are anywhere close to being done.

There are only two ways to solve this problem. It's pretty much spelled out in the Declaration. We much prefer Election Integrity. How about you? Election Integrity is our God-given right. What will you do? Please advise. This letter is being blind copied to hundreds, and will be reshared with hundreds more. Your response, or lack thereof, will go on the public record, and follow you after you leave office. Now is your chance to become a hero to the great People of this State, your fellow citizens. The alternative is to become a scourge and a byword to them.

The cheating that happened elsewhere is happening here. We just weren't the big player that other states were. Still, rigged elections gave us down ballot candidates that adversely affected our lives, which included the tyrannizing of our kids. We appeal to the God of Heaven, the Supreme Judge of the world, for the rectitude of our intentions. Again—Respectfully,

Robert J. Borer

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