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It's a self-evident truth.
Only honest elections constitute
"consent of the governed."

 How much is your vote worth to you??

Election cheating is an existential threat to the entire American experiment in self-government and Liberty.

"Despite relentless gaslighting by election fraud deniers (this was the “most secure election in American history – trust me!”), once you are informed, the undeniable truth is that election 2020 was stolen right before our very eyes. And it was not a first-time thing: systemic vulnerability to election fraud plagues our election process at all levels in America and has for years.  The only question is whether Americans who understand this have the courage to fix it. Our very existence as a constitutional republic depends on our willingness to take up this battle and refuse to surrender until we win.  It is a massive and massively consequential problem. And there is a simple solution."

“Elections belong
to the people."

- Abraham Lincoln


"Elections have consequences, and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. We’re seeing catastrophic consequences now throughout the world." Steve Bannon   

More to come.....

“Great things can be accomplished when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”
- Harry S. Truman

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