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Not a politician. Just a patriot.

Robert J. Borer, born and raised in Nebraska, is a graduate of Doane University with summa cum laude honors. He is the father of six “bright, hardworking, wonderful" kids, all now adults. Bob and his wife, Cheryl reside in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Bob is a retired fire captain, having served 27 years on Lincoln Fire and Rescue engine/EMS/rescue crews and as a training officer. The pinnacle of his career was leading the team that launched a harrowing life-saving attempt up a 1500’ TV Tower in Western Nebraska. The attempt earned him and his team the inaugural Congressional Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, our nation’s highest civilian award for valor. Watch the award ceremony here.

For the last two years since his retirement, Bob has dedicated himself full-time to holding local and state government officials and agencies accountable for actions that negatively impact our civil liberties.

Bob believes the citizens of Nebraska deserve accountability and transparency from their elected and appointed public servants. He is fighting for Nebraskans to once again secure for us the sacred integrity of our elections. Without election integrity, there is no consent of the governed, and we are no longer free citizens.

Bob will fight tirelessly to ensure that outside special interest groups, profit-driven corporations, and the federal government do not steal the “Good Life” from honest, hard-working Nebraskans.


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